Did you know?

Did you know?
We consider the environment extremely important and will always combine this with the dailyhighclub.nl webshop. We do our best to share our Green Heart with everyone. For more info check out our page: Our Green Mission
This year we have already helped 5 entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. We like to work together and help to share knowledge and experience.
In the past month of December we have already been able to transfer €350 in donations to the Groen Hart Foundation, which they have used directly for Robbie's beautiful blog and much more!
We play a small but important role in legalizing home growing. We have close ties with various municipalities and we are also a fully transparent company.
We have a tight schedule for the future of our webshop and our upcoming physical dailyhighclub.nl stores.
We especially have a lot of fun, we are busy with our favorite hobbies: growing and doing business.
We always seek cooperation, even where others do not expect it. We understand that it is better to fight together than against each other.
We have not yet been working on our webshop dailyhighclub.nl for a full year, but we have more than 5 years of experience in the industry.
We accept 10 different types of Cryptos and are supportive of the crypto market. We also have our own NFT community where we help investors get started.