Green Heart Foundation

Green Heart Foundation

The Groen Hart Foundation is responsible for the genes that are not guaranteed. We support Cannabis users/medical users to remove the annoying stigma surrounding Cannabis and Home Grow. We stand for a transparent foundation that stands for the legalization of cannabis completely or not tolerated for its own (medical) use.

We have noticed that in our community a lot of negativity has arisen where you would prefer not to have it. Together with the Groen Hart Foundation, we will ensure that you, our members, and anyone who sees and recognizes the positive effects of Cannabis can no longer ignore it!

Donations added to every order:
To get the collaboration started, we looked at the possibilities, together we decided to give the opportunity to make a donation for the foundation with every order and as an extra we will double the amount collected and donate it to the Groen Hart Foundation.

With the budget that will be released, marketing will be made to reach people with our goal: to remove the stigma surrounding cannabis. We will support patients who don't have the money to grow well at home by sponsoring a full Grow Package for those who really need it. But we will also be producing information flyers that make it clear that the stigma surrounding Cannabis is long gone and it's time for a change!

What has been put to work?: We owe the full collaboration with Robbie to the Groen Hart Foundation, which has ensured that we can work with Robbie to create the blogs and share his story! We were also able to give him a Herboven Decarboxylator with the donations of the shipping costs.

Do you have or know someone who could use the support of the Groen Hart Foundation, let us know!

What we get to hear "Stigmas":

Cannabis users are slow and lazy anyway,
One of the most annoying and least throbbing stigmas surrounding cannabis is having to be told that you are sluggish and lazy. We find it counterintuitive to hear this, we know from the community that users can combine it very well with their daily lives and often even better than non-users. They just go to work, do their shopping and keep the house running, all in combination with Cannabis. They know that there are more important things in life and often say, "I don't use until I've finished everything for the day." There are many examples of successful entrepreneurs, some of whom have been using cannabis for several years and is an example for many of those who are not users to adopt. It is always up to the person himself, if he is lazy, he will remain lazy. Cannabis could actually help him think about himself. Many have their success examples and see that the stigma surrounding Cannabis and Cannabis use is simply not correct.

We see that it mainly goes wrong in ignorance , we are going to change that by giving information evenings, posting information from various studies, together for a better future!

Just a few more days and then we will announce together how much we can donate to the Groen Hart Foundation!