Overview of specifications of all growlights from dailyhighclub.nl

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have made a complete overview here with all models and "main" specifications. This would allow you to make a comparison in 1 storage using this scheme.

In this scheme we looked at wattage, µmol/J, footprint, PAR, number of LEDs, HPS replacement and consumption per week,

The wattage is the maximum consumption of the growlight
µmol/J, is the efficiency that the light has
The footprint is the light that radiates downwards and the surface of it
PAR is the power measured at the center of the footprint
Number of LEDs, this describes the number of LEDs and which factory they come from
HPS replacement, this indicates with which you can replace the HPS for the LED amount of wattage
Consumption per week, consumption at 18/6 schedule is averaged

"This overview is still in the testing phase"

Brand fashion model wattage umol footprint PAR LEDs HPS replacement costs per week
Mars hydro  TS600 100w 2.4µmol/J 60x60 430µmol/m2/s 225 from Epistar 150w €3.47
TS1000 150w 2.4µmol/J 75x75 743µmol/m2/s 342 of Epistar 250w €5.49
TSW2000 300w 2.6µmol/J 110x110 910µmol/m2/s 704 of Epistar 300w €12.49
TSL2000 300w 2.6µmol/J 75x135 717µmol/m2/s 704 of Epistar 300w €12.49
TS3000 450w 2.6µmol/J 138x135 1151µmol/m2/s 1016 of Epistar 450w €16.49
SP150 150w 2.8µmol/J 65x65 387µmol/m2/s 342 of Epistar 250w €4.27
SP3000 300w 2.8µmol/J 150x95 848µmol/m2/s 600 from Samsung 390 from Epistar 400w €8.17
SP6500 650w 2.8µmol/J 155x95 1819µmol/m2/s 1200 from Samsung 1176 from Epistar 900w €15.17
Spider Farmer SF300 33w 2.3 µmol/J 60x30
192 from Samsung
SF600 74w
2.3 µmol/J
60x30 166 µmol/m2/s 386 from Samsung
SF1000 100w 2.7µmol/J 70x70 1013µmol/m2/s 218 from Samsung 250w €4.41
SF2000 200w 2.7µmol/J 85x125 1672µmol/m2/s 606 from Samsung 500w 9.35
SF4000 450w 2.7µmol/J 130x130 2479µmol/m2/s 1212 from Samsung 900w 19.47
SF7000 650w 2.9µmol/J 165x165
1716 from Samsung
SE3000 350w 2.75µmol/J 90x90 822µmol/m2/s 896 from Samsung/Osram 450w 9.47
SE5000 480w 2.75µmol/J 110x110 1317µmol/m2/s 2016 from Samsung/osram 650w 12.47
SE7000 650w 2.75µmol/J 130x130 1780µmol/m2/s 3330 from Samsung/Osram 900w 15.47
Lumatek ATS200 c 200w 2.3µmol/J 80x80 460µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 300w 5.84
ATS200 pro 200w 2.5µmol/J 80x80 508µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 300w 5.84
ATS300 c 300w 2.3µmol/J 90x90 690µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 450w 8.84
ATS300 pro 300w 2.5µmol/J 90x90 816µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 450w 8.84
Lumatek Zeus 465compact 465w 2.3µmol/J 110x110 1070µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 650w 13.47
465pro 465w 2.7µmol/J 120x120 1070µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 650w 13.47
465pro 2.9 465w 2.9µmol/J 120s120 1353µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 900w 13.47
600budget 600w 2.3µmol/J 130x130 1380µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 900w 25.47
600pro 600w 2.7µmol/J 140x140 1620µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 900w  25.47
600pro 2.9 600w 2.9µmol/J 145x145 1770µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs 900w + 25.47
1000pro 1000w 2.7µmol/J 165+ 2925µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs not possible 40.47
1000pro 2.9Extreme 1000w 2.9µmol/J 170+ 2925µmol/m2/s Lumatek LEDs not possible 40.47
The Jungle Jackson 150 150w 2.1µmol/J 80x80 250w 6.84
Jackson 250 250w 2.1µmol/J 90x90 730µmol/m2/s 400w 8.84
Jackson NEMISIS 200w 3µmol/J 90x90 941µmol/m2/s 450w 8.84
The Smith 100/150w 2.1µmol/J 80x80 250w 6.84
Mantis (+UV) 25w booster


Advice from dailyhighclub.nl:
The diagram shows that the Jackson Nemesis achieves the highest efficiency, but it can also be seen that Lumatek generally delivers the best boards based on PAR values. In terms of price/quality, the Spider Farmer SE is currently the best, this model delivers the highest performance in its price range! The Lumatek Attis, the Spiderfarmer SF series and the Mars Hydro TS series are perfect to start the hobby!