Our Mission on Planet Green

In our fight against time, we have taken our responsibility by looking at where we at the Dailyhighclub can help the environment. We love a green planet and are in favor of nature and its beauty! We hope you too!

What we do:

Project Rebox'd: we started this initiative because in our experience we throw away too many usable boxes, too often. This is a shame! We have decided together to see if we can use these useful boxes for 3 months

Project Rebox'd Repurposed boxes

*At the moment we have a surplus of boxes and we need Reusers, are you or do you know someone who would also like to use these Reused boxes for their company. Please contact us so that not a single usable shipping box has to be thrown away.

Recycle boxes - one of our best tips is simply to reuse the boxes we receive on other orders. This ensures that we have to use 30% less cardboard for our orders. Will you help with this? Then keep the boxes or reuse them, there are many applications how you can use cardboard for other purposes.

Groen Hart Foundation - together with this foundation we want to work on improving the image of Cannabis and Home Growing, among others. We support them in achieving their goal of improving the stigma a little. Because did you know, for example, that if every Dutch household were to grow at home, we could already reduce CO2 emissions worldwide by 5%, that is only possible if we work together.

Send packages together - as soon as we receive a double order or when extra (Freebies) have to be delivered with a package, we will always choose to combine boxes, this saves us between 50%-75% on shipments that we would otherwise have to pay. should have sent. 

Working with the right partners - we only work with DHL and DPD because they are committed to the environment. For example, DHL is one of the first carriers in the Netherlands and Belgium to opt for a GOGREEN approach and DPD's ambition is to “become the greenest parcel delivery company in Europe.” They are therefore increasingly opting for alternative delivery options, for example, they recently added the option for delivery by bicycle, but also opted for electric vans and trucks. 

Objective DHL:
Our goals for 2030:

  • We are investing 7 billion in even cleaner business operations
  • Using more sustainable jet fuels; at least 30% use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • Design all new buildings carbon neutral
  • An extensive range of green services
  • 60% of our global fleet is fully electric in delivery
  • By 2030 we will have more than 80,000 e-vehicles on the road.

Switch from HPS to LED it is generally known that LED lamps are better for the environment than HPS lamps. This is mainly in favor of the economy of LED, where the same 300W hps consumes about 30% more compared to the same wattage LED, but also in the way HPS works. The gases used in the HPS are extremely bad for the environment and also harmful to humans and animals. This is why we promote the use of LED lamps compared to HPS.

Print invoices only on request: in the digital age it has become normal that you receive all your paper data digitally. You will therefore only receive your invoice by e-mail from us, unless you explicitly request this. Because we do this we save about 40% on paper and you still have all the "papers" you need

Labeling stock barcodes: you may have noticed this when your product was delivered. The product barcode is pasted over with an adhesive tape/tape. We do this because of the parcel services, which scan the wrong barcode and get lost in 30% of cases. This is why we always stick tape on the barcodes of the box. This ensures that the package does not get lost and that there must be unnecessary pressure on planet earth again! This simple solution already ensures a minimum reduction of 30%-50% on shipments.

*Don't forget: we choose these options but always ensure that you, the customer, have the most benefit or don't have to do anything for it.