- Telephone malfunction: the telephone number we use is forwarded to the telephone we use for contact. However, we have noticed in recent weeks that the transfer does not always go well. We are working on solving this, in the meantime we can be reached 24/7 via email:

- Automatic mail system: the automatic mail system is not yet working properly, it is possible that you receive no or delayed contact from the system. We are in the process of addressing this. In the meantime you can always reach us.

- Delivery at collection point/DHL not visited: we have recently received a lot of response about the delivery services that did not come. After reading an article in the AD, we see that there are deliverers who choose not to stop by but drive directly to a DHL/other delivery service point. It is therefore possible that you have waited at home and that the package has still been delivered to a point. You will always be notified of this.

- New partners: The year 2022 has started well, with 10+ new brands and more than 100+ new products, we need some time to process all this. We aim to have the new brands fully in our range and partially in stock before the end of January. (AC-Infinity, NOVATEK, Garden High Pro, Plagron, Herboven, Advanced Hydroponics Holland, The Neutralizer, QNUBU, ANNABIS, Blue Lab, Volcano & Growrilla)

- Stock system: the stock system is not working properly yet. It is possible that the product is or is not in stock where the system indicates something else. If you want to be sure whether a product is in stock, please send us a message.