Dailyhighclub.nl Affiliate/Partner program

Have you always wanted to earn a little extra with your Instagram/Facebook/social media or your website? Then grab your chance now! We are looking for talents who have an affinity with us and our products.

We are looking for affiliate marketers/influencers who want to promote us and our products to their network/followers….

How it works:

1: Send us a message to dailyhighclub@outlook.com or @dailyhighclub.nl that you want to work together. Do you feel that you do not have such a large reach yet, this is no problem at all, we will send you extra traffic!

2: After acceptance we will create a discount code for you whereby your partners/customers receive free shipping and an extra large filled Freebies Package with their order. This way we can see who has been sent by you and your customer will receive extra free shipping + an extra large Freebies package.

3: You promote us and our products, you can do this, for example, by posting a post/message on social media or writing a blog about us/our products.

What do you receive: 

-Commission of 10% of the total amount up to a maximum of €25 per order. This means that for an order up to €250 you can receive €25!

-The choice to double your credit by exchanging it for Dailyhighclub.nl shop credit. This way you can purchase products for yourself with an extra discount, to be used on every product in our range. 

-Every month that you refer someone you will receive a Dailyhighclub.nl Freebies box or €15 shopping credit.

-Premium/Platinum Member Title/Badge/Pass. This pass has unique properties and ensures that you have an extra chance to win very nice goodies. *may be in the form of an NFT

"By arranging new clients for us, we have the opportunity to show our best side and we like to do that. We love our members and can't do without, together we can achieve more than alone!"

* Do you have a very good idea but do you need products for this or do you want to borrow / earn them, then that is possible. Explain to us your plan and why you/or your plan deserves to receive a product. When we approve your plan, we ensure that you receive all the supplies you need. 

Examples of posts:
-Product unpacking video
-Organize giveaway
-Instagram post
-Your own box
-Social media appreciation post
-Tell it to your friends
-*many others