Blog Robbie: Robbie and his medicine

There we are again, back from the road and it is already 2022 and now we are with Robbie again, this time to make a blog about his story regarding his medicine: Hash/THC-Oil.

You have helped Robbie so much and we think it's great and are super excited to work with him. Robbie has received a Herboven from the Groen Hart Foundation and we are incredibly proud that we can do these kind of small gestures, because Robbie motivates so many and we at the Club can thank him a little bit. Thank you for who you are Robbie, Warrior!

Credit where credit is due, Robbie has managed to type most of the blog himself despite his MS, where he has a lot of trouble typing. He says he is so very proud of this and it turns out: Robbie is also a natural talent in this! We have tried to support him as much as possible and have put together this blog together.

The blog came from an idea from Robbie himself, he thinks it's time he shared his experiences about: “medicinal cannabis oil” and we think so too.

Robbie tells here himself how he came into contact with the drug that changed everything for him.

“Four years ago I first came to Edje*'s home in Duindorp, The Hague. This was immediately an impressive experience and ultimately life-changing too. At that moment I could barely walk because of the pain and I climbed the stairs with great difficulty. Once in Edje's living room and after recovering for a while, I was offered my first drop of pure hash oil, also known as cannabis oil. In retrospect this turned out to be a golden moment! I had been introduced to the best medicine for my MS complaints.

Earlier in my life I had already tried cannabis oil from different producers, but it did not have nearly as good effect as Edje's oil. You notice that this is something different, and that's what I need! Eddie is really there for me!

After meeting Edje, I walked down the stairs miraculously without pain. As bad as I could move before using the oil, so smooth I could move afterward, it was a whole new feeling. I didn't even realize I was just walking normally again…. The oil helps reduce many of my MS symptoms, so I sleep better, eat better, feel less nauseous and feel less pain, which makes me a happier person. Also nice for my environment. ;)

Every morning I take a little hash oil on my tongue to start the day. My nausea immediately goes away, so my appetite comes back and I can eat something. I also have a lot less pain immediately. Thanks to the oil I am able to undergo a very intensive personal kickboxing training. I think this is special, because I think a normal healthy person would like to sleep from this oil, but it gives me energy. When my oil runs out, personal training and life becomes a lot harder and everything just goes a lot more difficult. The pain is very strong and it is very heavy for me.

The product is unfortunately blacklisted, because the THC content is too high because it is a concentrate. But this is precisely what gives the oil a strong effect and in my case the indispensable effect of being able to enjoy life to some extent and participate in society.

This pure hash oil without additives is extremely expensive, because it takes quite a bit of product to extract the oil. Luckily I get it from Edje. He is my hero! Do you want to get to know him? Check Edjes Vlog, I like that too.

I wish that everyone could make their own oil through responsible and safe home cultivation of medicinal cannabis. More people like me are benefiting and may be able to regain quality of life despite the bleak outlook of being chronically ill. “

Robbie benefits a lot from the oil and that's what counts. We see a lot of good news passing by and we see that the world is changing towards cannabis and especially medicinal cannabis. Patients with stories like Robbie's are increasingly emerging. Various scientific studies are also being carried out into the effect of "cannabis" and we increasingly hear people with respect express a different opinion about the medicinal effect, especially in pain relief, than years ago. Where years ago OXY and the like were recommended, they now increasingly see the negative effects of this and therefore want to investigate more and more 'medicinal' Cannabis.

 We love to follow these sources of inspiration. We share the vision they have, stories like Robbie's and scientific research will emerge more and more, and we can't wait for the future. Together we stand for a better future, a Greener Future….

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Let them know what you think, Robbie and Edje both have their own story that they would like to share with you!