Blog Robbie: "In the meantime, without medicine."

“Robbie, together with his Heroes and with a little help from us, put down another beautiful piece. In this he mainly tells how he experiences the time between his medicine. Unfortunately, Robbie does not always have the possibilities to receive his medicine and sometimes has to wait a long time for this. He tells this and more in this blog:”

Robbie: Giving up is not an option!

First of all I would like to thank the Daily High Club and the Groen Hart Foundation for the Herboven . What an invention! I was able to make good infused oil with it, which I then turned into butter. :) Delicious! Nice and strong just the way I like it.

Thanks to the Herboven, I decided to self-medicate. This means that I try to get THC as a medicine in all kinds of different ways. Such as through edibles, drinking, dripping directly on the tongue and smoking. I use the Herboven every week. With this new addition I can better organize my self-medication. Especially for bridging when I am temporarily without Edjes oil. That gives me peace and an independent feeling. Every 8 hours I take a few drops of oil in combination with another form that contains THC and so far this seems to work well. I feel a lot better about this!

I was without medicinal cannabis oil for a month because I couldn't arrange transport to pick up the oil from Edje and that was a real hell. I had a lot of pain, a constant flu-like feeling and could no longer walk properly. I had fallen down the stairs and could barely eat because of nausea. So I had lost a lot of weight. I started to feel more and more depressed because of the pain and other complaints. Life sucks without oil!

You have to imagine that you have severe headaches every day and take a paracetamol for this every night and suddenly you can't take paracetamol for a month. The feeling that you no longer have the only resort is terrible and that's how I feel. When I have oil, I can walk and kickbox better, have less pain and eat better. For me it is a miracle cure and indispensable. And everyone around me notices it immediately. “You are a different person”, I hear. I am living proof that medicinal oil works and I swear by it.

Fortunately I was able to pick up the (hash) oil from Edje a few weeks ago and I feel better again. Thank you for that Eddie!

Recently I also make short videos for Edjes vlogs. I like doing that.

After I left Edje last time, I drove on to the Daily High Club to meet and thank them. That was also super fun. What a loving and nice people. I'm really glad you came my way. Coincidentally, I had just been in a heavy dip for a while and not feeling well at all. Life with MS is no fun and certainly no roses. Then the DHC came my way and life smiled at me again. I'm really happy with that.

Happy to be a member of the DHC family. You are all the best and I say that from the heart.

I would like to close with a big shout out to team Robbie against MS. It consists of my parents, the Daily High Club-Fam, Hans, Edje, Maartje, Bar and Sarel and everyone who is with me and ❤️💛💚

“Robbie we are also very happy to have you around us!

What a winner and inspiration Robbie is for us, in this blog he talks much more about his way of medication and his battle with MS. That thanks to the Herboven that he has been able to receive through all your donations to the Groen Hart Foundation, he feels better is something we can be proud of! Robbie can now make his own medicine because of you if he no longer has (hash) oil. That he can continue to do the things he likes to do until he can collect his own oil again. We would like to thank everyone who has donated the shipping costs and donations to the Groen Hart Foundation. Toppers keep on going like this so that we can help many more people like Robbie in the future. Support Robbie and #teamRobbieTegenMS now by purchasing a shirt so that the whole team can create much more beautiful things! “Yeah, Edje!”

Robbie feels very bad and he wants to share that too, as he says it's not always easy, but I keep going! Everyone should hear this mentality and that's why we share it with everyone who reads this. Robbie's words give motivation and his drive to keep going inspires us and we hope you do too!

Link to the Herboven, use code Robbie for an extra discount and support him again with this.

Support Robbie by purchasing a #TeamRobbieTegenMS shirt, all proceeds will go to charity!