Training with Robbie & the MS Motion

Over the past few weeks we have been busy with all kinds of things around and with Robbie and the MSMotion . For example, we have agreed with Robbie to train with him for a day or to actually participate in a day in his life, but we have also planned beautiful events such as the MSMotion.

Robbie really wanted to show us his place, Groningen, but especially Sarel's training that Robbie receives weekly from the World Kickboxing Champion. Robbie and Sarel motivate each other so much, we wanted to experience that up close.

Robbie shows during the training that he is a real go-getter, someone who really does not know how to stop and who certainly does not want to give up. He likes kickboxing because it also keeps him very sharp the days after, he can push his limits with kickboxing so that he can fight it every day. He motivates us all with his perseverance and that helps him enormously. He motivates himself by constantly pushing his limits and not listening to others, Robbie is a real Warrior!

Robbie does everything he can to not be sick, he doesn't want to feel that way at all. He strengthens this through a healthy lifestyle, the Hash Oil of his hero Edje, a lot of sports, healthy food and sharing a lot with regular supervisors such as Barbara, from whom he has a lot of support. Barbara also brings Robbie to the training every week and participates fanatically in the training herself and, like so many others, is amazed at what Robbie shows, every week.

The MSMotion is a perfect event to participate in, a full day of fundraising for The National MS Fund and MS Research! Robbie really wanted to participate in this and together with the Groen Hart Foundation we tried to draw attention to Robbie and #TeamRobbieTegenMS as much as possible to draw attention to MS and the research into this.

Support us now, every contribution helps, every little bit helps.

You can support us by:

#TeamRobbieTegenMS Shirts to be purchased

To donate on MSMotion, search for #TeamRobbieTegenMS

Donate via the Instagram action

We will also announce the donations of the shirts on the day of the MSMotion itself or the day before and then immediately donate them to the National MS Fund.

Robbie feels so very good with all the attention he has received and continues to receive and would like to thank you for this. Everyone around him feels better with Robbie around, together with the Groen Hart Foundation, #TeamRobbieTegenMS, Sarel and of course we from the ensure that more attention is drawn to Robbie and his story. We all want to thank you so much because without you this wouldn't be possible!

We think it's great to see that so much is being donated to the National MS Fund and that we are fighting for a good cause together.

We would like to take this moment to thank the Groen Hart Foundation for everything they have done for #TeamRobbieTegenMS, without them we would never be able to do these beautiful things. Every box that Project Rebox'd and the Re-Users have recycled allows us to do what we do for Robbie and many others!

Together we are stronger than alone! donation: +-€250

Green Heart Foundation: €255.75 in shirts including shipping

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