Robbie & Sarèl, a golden combination!

Sarel and Robbie

Robbie & Sarèl, a golden combination!

Robbie is very happy with all the reactions he has received, he wants to thank you so much for all the beautiful words, words of inspiration and all the love he has received.

In our first interview, Robbie talks with a big smile on his face about his passion for kickboxing, you don't hear this sport very often in combination with the disease MS. Robbie told us that because of his 2 tools he can practice this sport and therefore his passion. By the Thc/Hash oil & his trainer World champion and “Dutch fighter of the year 2020”: Sarèl de Jong. We definitely wanted to know more about this because Sarèl and kickboxing inspire Robbie to persevere and Robbie inspires us.

Words from Robbie and Sarel:

How did kickboxing come about?
Robbie says that he started training with Sarèl 2 years ago, because unfortunately his physio about corona had to stop. He knew that he had to keep working out because this is very good for him and it also gives him a lot of energy. After hearing the news from the physio, he didn't give up, but as he says himself: "Take action, you have to do something, sitting on the couch makes no sense and you won't get anything done that way. .” Through a dear friend who had already trained with Sarèl, Robbie came across Sarèl's Instagram and took the step to personally send her a message. The two soon started talking and they had already planned the first training session to go bang together!

The first workout:
Both find it very exciting to work together, Robbie is nervous if he can handle it, training with a world champion, Sarèl wonders how to train someone with MS, what intensity can he handle. But after reading and talking to each other enough, the time has come.

The first training was over and the two felt good: “The initial nerves quickly disappeared and the training naturally continues on its own”. Robbie is a real go-getter and this already came out in the first interview, this makes it a lot easier for Sarèl to train him, motivation comes naturally. Sarèl soon proposes to Robbie to start boxing because this can help him a lot with his motor skills, this step has finally ensured that Robbie is now so far that he can kickbox and does this with great pleasure and will continue to do so!

Robbie and Sarèl are a real match made in heaven, they are both very go-getters and that inspires each other to bring out the best in each other, every training session. But they are also active in each other's lives outside the gym, they have become close friends and have a lot of support from each other. What a Power team, you like to look up to this, how 2 different personalities have so much in common.

Who is motivating whom?

“What a question, Robbie is a real go-getter and shows what a person cannot do with a little perseverance. Goddamn what a power he shows. I have a lot of respect for Robbie and how he lives life. I recently had a bad time myself where I tore my cruciate ligaments, but is it all so terrible, should we give up already?

When I told Robbie about my injury, he found this so very annoying and he was really touched by this, I thought to myself: oh shit! That he says that has motivated me enormously to come back even stronger. Robbie shows me what is possible and is a real example for me and everyone. His attitude is beyond gold!

“Sarèl is a real sweet, nice, cool, awesome girl with super training. She also makes it really hard for me and the workouts are pretty tough. This motivates me to keep getting better and stronger. I'm starting to get a bit more trouble in my legs and together with Sarèl we'll see what I can do. We train together every Friday and I always look forward to this. Kickboxing has given me a different life, I am now training with a world champion and I can take my mind elsewhere for a while. Training with Sarèl doesn't become a routine either because she keeps coming up with new training sessions and I really have mad respect for her! We've known each other for 2 years now and Sarèl always motivates me to get the best out of myself.

Words from Robbie:
“I never expected all this to happen when I messaged Sarèl on Instagram. All you sometimes need is to dare to take that one step and say to yourself, is what is holding you back really as difficult as you think?!

With these words we close this blog, but Robbie is certainly not done with you and Sarèl will come back stronger than ever before!

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